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  • How We Work
  • Plan the Film
  • Develop the Story
  • Storyboard the Film
  • Film the Event
  • Edit the Film
  • Preliminary Cut

Once you decide on a project to be filmed for your Department, we will sit down with you and create a Reel Fires Film Planner™ that will outline the goals and objectives for your project.


We’ll spend time reviewing the planned event to be certain we maximize what’s captured on film. We’ll not only provide you with fresh ideas to increase the end value of your DVD, but we’ll be careful to listen to your ideas as well.


In the end, you want a finished film product that tells a great story. Whether it’s a story about proper fire management skills or a story about the value of your Department to the community you serve, your film will tell a story, and it’s important to know what that story is before the cameras are even turned on.


Once we know what event we’ll be filming for you and what story we’ll be telling, we’ll begin to sketch certain filming scenarios and particular camera angles and shots we’ll need to capture the action and images we want.

At this stage, we’ll determine exactly what type of equipment we’ll need to film the event. For example, how many cameras we’ll be using, where we’ll be using each camera, and what images and shots we plan to capture with each camera.


Following the outline provided by the completed Reel Fires Film Planner ™, the event is filmed. Reel Fires provides ‘interference-free’ filming, meaning you and your Department members can conduct your event without the restraints of worrying about our camera equipment or film crews being in the way. Our experienced operators know the fire business and understand the importance of getting superior footage without interfering in the event or any of its specific activities.


This is the stage of the production process where all the footage - from each of the cameras used in the filming - is captured into our production editing system for review and analysis. During this time, the footage is condensed into the critical sections which will make up the final cut of the movie. Music, effects, voiceovers, and other post-production components are added to the film at this time.


We produce a preliminary cut of the DVD once the footage is compiled and edited into a final format, then we review the film with you to make sure you’re completely happy with everything you see. This can be done in our studio, or via the internet. Once you approve the preliminary cut, the editing is completed and the final cut is produced.